Alon Gal

Founder of global Qmark

Alon Gal – CEO and owner of Q-mark.

 Alon also known as the “national coach”, CEO and owner of Tut Communications and Results Ltd, the leading coaching and consulting company in Israel. Alon has accompanied and trained thousands of people, families and commercial companies. Amongst his clients can be mentioned giant corporations such as El Al, Intel, Bank Hapoalim, Israel Police Department, Google and various government offices.

About Alon Gal

Alon Gal was born and raised in Haifa and he is the father of three children.

In 2002, Alon has founded a coaching company called “Tut Communications and Results Ltd.”, the largest training company and training school in Israel.

Alon has a BA in political science, a master’s degree in education and specialization in educational institutions management. He also a graduate of the senior management course at the Insurance College.

Alon founded and took part in many projects. In one of his public activities, Alon led the project “Pass it Forward”, as part of his goal to reduce gaps in the Israeli society. In another project he worked Together with Yair Nitzani, thy founded Media Buzz, the College of Music, Entertainment and Media Management.

He founded, developed, and continues to accompany the Google Academy program in 48 countries around the world. He wrote the books: “30 Days about Alon Gal”, “Secrets of the Excellent”, “100 Lessons on Life”, “The Project of My Life Success” and “The Story for Shabbat” which became a best seller within less than 72 hours. On television, he co-hosted, alongside Margalit Tsanani, the morning show “Live in the Morning with Margol and Alon Gal”.

Alon starring at the successful TV show “Step Family” that was sold to 14 countries, as well as another television shows called “Champions of Life” and “Look racism in the eye.” Alon has also a very successful radio show on 103FM Radio every Friday for the last 8 years. The show has over 120,000 listeners.

Moreover, Alon has a great influence on social media and is one of the main network figures in his field; his Facebook page has more than 145,000 followers and a network distribution of hundreds of thousands of people.

About Toot

TooT Communication and Results is the leading training-specialized organization Israel, led and managed by Alon Gal.

A successful, victorious approach, which was proven itself among thousands of companies, organizations, businesses and private businessmen. A method chosen to be part of the process of initiation for managers in leading companies across the country.

TooT manages training projects in Israel and abroad for companies such as Google, Hapo’alim Bank, Arison Group, leading retail companies such as Celio and hundreds of other companies every year. Each project integrates TooT-franchisee trainers in the management of training procedures in practice.

The TooT training method is based on the recognition that breakthroughs and meaningful, long-lasting results are a byproduct of training and accompanying the trainee in acting beyond the limits of their existing habits, which hinder results, through confrontation, acknowledgement and implementation of new tools.

The purpose of the process is raising excellence and accomplishments, at the moral level as well as in practice.

The training processes focus on three main areas:

  • Personal Training: aimed at advancing your abilities and skills as a person, braking the ‘glass-ceiling’ and overcoming obstacles which hinder you on your way to success.
  • Familial-Economic Training: aimed at assisting the family in emerging from overdraft and negative bank balance. The training teaches you to stop spending and start saving for the future of your children and yourself, on the way to familial and romantic harmony.
  • Business Training and Consultation: aimed at focusing the business on the services and products it provides and fulfilling economic potential.
    • The franchisee trainers and consultants teach managers how to be more effective, increase sales, lower expenses and increase gains and success.

As of today, TooT represents over 150 franchisee trainers: personal, business and family trainers who have had advanced training and had the privilege of joining us, influencing and improving the lives of others, while having a good time every step of the way.