Individual employee Q mark

indevidual employee Q markFor decades the concept of management and development of the human resource in organizations has been based on the same principles, the same terminology, the same courses of action and the same dilemmas that repeat themselves in leading organizations in Israel and worldwide.

Over the past decade we have witnessed a breakthrough in this trend, led by startups / hi-tech organizations / Google that create a slightly different space.
The common denominator is irrelevant for the vast majority of the organizations because it is based on what they don’t have:

  • Opportunity to create capital
  • Extraordinary financial options because of the fundamental disconnection between the business operations and the investment in the employee and there is already no connection between the de facto business results and the financial ability to invest in the employee.

This breakthrough remains the exclusive province of very few organizations and it is irrelevant to the rest of the market. The purpose of the discussion is to define a new way of looking at the focus of the management and development of the human resource, both as an individual and as part of the organization in which he may be assimilated as the next generation that is on its way to creating a more successful organization.
The method is based on the q mark method according to which the only way to create extraordinary human development in the organization is to create a way to constantly, to repeatedly, measure values and performance in sections of the organization starting from personal measurement on a timeline, through measuring a specific professional field and up to measuring the organizational climate on a timeline. The HR MARK is the tool that measures the organizational climate.
We want to break away from the concept of the “industrial revolution” of management in the organization/ factory and move deeply into the 21st century to the concept of “human achievement”. Most organizations worldwide operate according to the industrial revolution concept. The insight: from slaves to workers, while what developed was the organizational concept: what will make the factory work better?
The answer is simple: high quality materials for high quality machines will produce optimal products.

The problem?
Each of us is fundamentally different.

In order to do this we will take the base, the smallest measuring unit – the person in the organization. The mark examines the personal success of the individual in the organization; the purpose is to create an Individual Employee q mark which is based on 7 quality criteria:

  • Rights and gratitude
  • Operational capability
  • Organizational loyalty and personal integrity
  • Ability to cooperate
  • Ability to learn and improve
  • Social and communicational skills
  • Daringness and creativity

We break these criteria into 49 quality criteria (Q49) and from the first moment – starting from the recruitment process and throughout the entire period that he provides service to the organization, we constantly measure, and as a result of this – we adjust creative solutions to each employee which give rise to a professional and developed person in the organization.
These indicators will be reexamined at regular intervals, where we will identify the mark and the correlation between our evaluation and employee’s assessment of himself.