Individual Q mark

indevidualThe vast majority of people are not aware that it is possible to run their lives as a planned and complex successful project which has principles and
outstanding modi operandi. Individual Q mark allows the individual to break through barriers and eliminate the “glass ceiling” that restricts them from reaching their life’s goals.

General structure – 7c. Each field has 7 quality questions (49q) that break down each criterion converting them into a work tool. The Q mark method’s expert coach guides the individual in creating a personal “road map” according to the 49 qualities until a general personal life quality score is assembled. Then the expert guide will coordinate a series of solutions for the individual that will enable him to generate prosperity and success.

7c – Individual Q Mark

  • Managing personal
  • finance
  • Intimate relationships
  • Career management
  • Personal vision
  • Health and fitness
  • Happiness
  • management
  • Family relationships