The quality score of the performance of your business / organization is calculated by weighting of 49 diverse qualities incorporated under 7 fundamental criteria which make up the quality of your personal life / performance of your business / the quality of the organizational performance.

In each one of the above mentioned 49 indicators of quality, they are asked to rate their level of agreement to the qualities that correctly describe the present situation, so the highest agreement with receive a score of 7 and the lowest a score of 1. The weighting of the quality indicators will reflect the current “quality indicator” (quality mark) of the quality of your life / business organization in which you are active.

The “quality indicator” is marked on a logarithmic graph which includes the weighting of results of thousands of other people that have been reviewed and it allows you to know your relative position at any time. The process is carried out again at fixed time periods and it provides an overview of the process and development on the time graph.



Products and Solutions

As mentioned, your Q mark is calculated according to 7 quality criteria. We will analyze your weak spots for you and adapt focused and quality solutions for them which will raise the personal/ business/ organizational level of performance for maximum effectiveness.

After re-measuring the Q mark, another analysis of strong and weak points will be performed, to which we will adapt an updated and effective solution, until we reach the best result that you can achieve without compromise!

The processes will be guided by top-notch professionals, leaders in their fields, who will provide you with the best tools to raise the quality of your performance and your Q mark.

After implementing the solution using qualitative guidance, the guiding coach/ consultant recalculates the Q mark in order to include and integrate the achievements of the process.

Furthermore, whenever the Q mark is recalculated the individual receives his benchmark: his relative position alongside thousands of individuals that, similarly to him, had their personal Q mark calculated for them.